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Your Business vs COVID-19

There is no doubt we are in the middle of a crazy time right now. Past experience tells us this will pass and we will recover. That being said we have listed a few “action” items you can take now to position your business for success once this COVID-19 is behind us:

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2. Take advantage of possible benefits: From low interest loans to payroll tax breaks, there are several opportunities out there to help soften the blow. Call your local chamber or small business administration. Click here to read more about what may be available to you:

3. Innovate: Think of something different that will benefit your customers when they come back. We just might have a “work from home” society when this is all said and done. Think how your business can solve the problem for the up and coming “work from home” employees.

4. Marketing: There has never been a better time to develop a marketing strategy, yes strategy. Marketing can take on many forms such as online and offline. Keep your customers informed and engaged via your website, social media and email.

Take advantage of your Google My Business Listing (you manage this regularly don’t you??) by making sure it’s optimized and making several posts per week.

Stay one step ahead of your competition. Your customers will appreciate it and when this is all said and done your business will be primed to take care of your current customers and welcome new ones.

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