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What Should I Put In My Website?

That’s a common question we hear at ASolutionNetwork. Below we list at least 4 important items you want to include on your website.


1. Home page: This goes without saying. It’s a quick intro to your potential customer telling them who you are, what you do and where you do it at. For example if you’re an auto shop in Pittsburgh, PA then you should make sure the customer knows that. Once the customer sees this page then they can navigate to the other areas of your website.

2. Services: This page will tell your customer what services you offer. You don’t have to go into crazy detail but if we use our auto shop example you could list services such as State Inspections, Brake Repair, Tire Rotation, Oil Changes and Alignments to name a few. This info will not only provide the information your customer is looking for but it will also help you rank in local search results. 

3. About Us: This is very critical. Customers like a good story and this is your chance to tell it. Let them know the history of your business and why you opened. This is a great opportunity to make a connection with a future customer. 

4. Employment: It’s tough to find good employees so why would you make it anymore difficult than it needs to be. Adding a “Join the Team” tab on your website allows anyone who calls or stops by to fill out a simple application which is sent directly to your email. Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing a paper application. 

I would like to be very clear – the list above is the minimum we recommend. We have learned that posting regularly to a blog will dramatically increase visitor traffic and not to mention money coming into your business. I would also have a form on your website where a customer can leave a review – it will also help with search results. Plus, if you collect the email you can use that for future email blasts such as a monthly newsletter. 


If you would like to talk more about a website click HERE to contact us at ASolutionNetwork. 

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